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More about MasterCut

We bring you the right combination of experience and advanced technology.

A Unit of SR Industries, Master Cut is one of the leading providers of water jet cutting solutions since 2011. We produce unique and elaborate designs out of a host of materials. We apply water jet cutting technology to manufacture.

SR Industries has a successful track record of providing complete metal fabrication using CNC machines from Japan. As water jet is a versatile machine that can cut almost any kind of material – both metal and non-metal – of up to 200mm thickness, we took up this technology to serve industrial customers.

Venturing outside the industrial domain and tapping on the enormous capabilities of this machine, we at Master Cut have extended our services to creativity and art by catering mainly to architects, fabricators, and interior designers.

Dedicated service support team.

Our own display showroom to showcase our works and to better understand your needs.

Extensive experience which gives us clarity of thought and a better understanding.

Participation in various exhibition.

We can cut anything and everything – right from stainless steel , aluminum , mild steel , copper ,brass etc.

Water jet cutter is a high precision tool that cuts away a broad range of materials – right from stubborn stainless steel to brittle glass – with the aid of a high-pressure jet of water or a mixture consisting of water and an abrasive solution.
It is an industrial tool suitable for cutting material sensitive to heat. That’s because this technique does not interfere with or alter properties inherent to the material.
This technology helps in the following ways:

 Production of highly intricate patters

 Minutest detailing across a wide range of applications

 Minimal production of scrap material

 Environment-friendly technology